In Collaboration with the School/Applied Child Psychology Student Association


2015-2016 Student Committee 

VP Communications & Advertising - Joseph D'Intino

Joseph D'Intino is in his third year of the PhD program in the School and Applied Child Psychology Program at McGill University. He completed his B.A. in Psychology and his M.Ed in Educational Psychology at McGill University. Joseph is a member of the Connections Lab under the supervision of Dr. Steven Shaw. Joseph's research interests include promoting healthy executive functions development among students and athletes. Joseph is an active member of the School Psychology Student Association at McGill University.

From left-right:

Public Relations Coordinator: Shalaka Shah, PhD Candidate

External Coordinator: Ida Foster, PhD Student 

Internal Coordinator: Laura Varona Prevez, PhD Student 

Sponsorship Coordinator: Emily Stubbert, MA Student

School/Applied Child Psychology Student Association Rep: Micah Tilley, MA Student

Conference Chair: Marie-Michelle Boulanger, PhD Student

Communications Coordinator: Loredana Marchica, PhD Student 

VP Sponsorship - Gabrielle O'Hara

Gabrielle is a PhD student in the School and Applied Child Psychology Program at McGill University. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Mount Allison University in 2016, and a Master’s degree in School and Applied Child Psychology from McGill University in 2018. Her past research interests have included test anxiety, cooperative learning and social anxiety, and emotion regulation. Currently, her research is focused on math anxiety.  Gabrielle acted as the chair of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fair at Mount Allison in 2015, and acted as the financial coordinator for both the 16th and 17th Annual Education Graduate Students’ Society Conference.

Academic Program Coordinator - Ekaterina Lysenko

Ekaterina Lysenko is a second year Master’s student in the School/Applied Child Psychology Program at McGill University. She received her undergraduate Honours degree in Psychology minoring in Translation from the University of Ottawa. She is part of the Communications Lab and is supervised by Dr. Steven Shaw. She has previously conducted research with recent immigrants and refugees residing in Canada. Her current research examines services offered to students at-risk for experiencing economic, societal, linguistic and cultural barriers. 

Steven Shaw, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology at McGill University in Montreal. He is the Graduate Program Director of the School/Applied Child Psychology Program. He earned a Ph.D. in School Psychology from the University of Florida in 1991. At McGill University he is director of the Resilience, Pediatric Psychology and Neurogenetic Connections Lab and co-director of the McGill Developmental Research Lab. Before entering academia, he had 17 years of experience as a school psychologist in school, university, hospital, medical school, and independent practice. From 1997 to 2004, he served as lead psychologist and associate professor of pediatrics at The Children's Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina and Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Shaw is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. In 2000, the South Carolina Association of School Psychologists recognized him for "Outstanding Contributions to Education" for his work on addressing overrepresentation of minority groups in special education, and development of teaching techniques for children with borderline intelligence. In 2010, he received the Distinguished Teaching Award from the Faculty of Education at McGill University. In 2012, he received the President’s Award from the National Association of School Psychologists for his innovative research-to-practice efforts. His clinical and research interests include pediatric school psychology, improving education of children with rare genetic disorders and autism, and development of resilience skills in children at risk for academic failure. He has over 160 scholarly publications and presentations and has published four books. He is on the editorial board of several international scholarly journals and is editor of School Psychology Forum.

Jeffrey L. Derevensky, PhD, is Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. In addition to his administrative duties, he is currently the Director of Clinical Training in School/Applied Child Psychology and Professor, Department of Psychiatry at McGill University. He has published widely in the fields of child development, developmental psychopathology, gambling studies and education and is on the editorial board of numerous journals. He has developed a comprehensive research program investigating many facets of adolescent risky behaviors with a particular emphasis on understanding youth gambling behaviors. He remains actively involved in basic and applied research, prevention, treatment, training and social policy development. Dr. Derevensky has been a consultant to gaming corporations and governments throughout the world and has provided expert testimony before legislative bodies in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. He is the author of over 150 published refereed peer-reviewed journal articles, 60 book chapters, and 3 books. He is also the Director of the McGill University Youth Gambling Research and Treatment Clinic and Director of the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors.

2016-2017 Student Committee 

From left-right:

Communications/Advertising Coordinator: Joseph D'Intino, PhD Student

Sponsorship Co-Coordinator: Gabrielle O'Hara, PhD Student

Academic Program Coordinator: Ekaterina Lysenko, MA Student

Finance/Co-Chair: Nesma Etoubashi, MA Student

Conference Chair: Loredana Marchica, PhD Student

External Coordinator: Margarita Miseros, PhD Student
Internal Coordinator: Vincent Di Stefano, MA Student 

Chair of the Committee - Loredana Marchica

Loredana Marchica, M.A., is a PhD Candidate in the School/Applied Child Psychology program at McGill University. She completed her M.A. in Child Study in 2014 at Concordia University. Her Master's thesis investigated the effectiveness of an adapted version of the PEERS program, a social skills intervention created by Dr. Laugeson at UCLA for adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their parents. Her current research interests continue to include developmental disabilities, while also having broadened into intervention and prevention practices for high-risk behaviors using an emotion regulation framework. She is the recipient of the 2015-2016 Heather Munroe-Blum Fellowship in Public Policy and the FQRSC Doctoral Research Grant on Responsible Gambling (2016-2020). She has been a part of the SISP committee since its inception and is excited to be heading this years 2019 SISP conference committee as Conference Chair.​ 

Back row, left-right:

Academic Program Coordinator: Loredana Marchica, PhD Student

Conference Chair: Marie-Michelle Boulanger, PhD Student

Internal Coordinator: Jenilee Napoleon, PhD Student 

Advertising Coordinator: Micah Tilley, PhD Student 

Finance Coordinator/Co-Chair: Catherine Archambault, PhD Student

Front row, left-right:

Communications Coordinator: Samantha O'Brien, MA Student
Sponsorship Co-Coordinators: Emily Stubbert, PhD Student and Hadas Dahary, MA Student

External Coordinator: Ida Foster, PhD Student 

From left-right:

Communications/Advertising Coordinator: Samantha O'Brien, MA Student

​Finance Coordinator/Co-Chair: Loredana Marchica, PhD Student

Sponsorship Co-Coordinator: Emily Stubbert, PhD Student

Internal Coordinator: Emily Beaudoin, MA Student

External Coordinator: Nesma Etoubashi, MA Student

Academic Program Coordinator: Katherine Andrews, PhD Student

Conference Chair: Catherine Archambault, PhD Student
Sponsorship Co-Coordinator: Julie Oh, MA Student 

VP External - Margarita Miseros

Margarita is a first year doctoral student in the School/Applied Child Psychology program at McGill.  Her research as part of the Perceptual Neuroscience Lab for Autism and Development focuses on perceptual information processing in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  As the VP external, Margarita's responsibilities include accreditation and accomodation arrangements for speakers and their stay in Montreal.  Should you have any questions, comments, or feedback you would like Margarita to address, do not hesitate to contact her.

2017-2018 Student Committee

VP Internal - Vincent Di Stefano

As a first year M.A. student at McGill’s School/Applied Child Psychology program, I am excited to be involved as an Internal VP for the SISP committee. Since 2007, I have been an integral part of the development of the football and sport program at Dalbe Viau high school. I ensure the well-being and progress of student-athletes by developing personal relationships with the athletes and their families and provide academic support while promoting school belonging. This has molded my main clinical and research interests focusing on decreasing high school drop-out rates among at-risk youths through the use of sport as a medium to increase school engagement. Furthermore, I am currently invested in the creation and development of the NeuroProtection Project: a concussion prevention program that uses on-field assessments to develop individualized intervention aimed at correcting risky on-field behaviors for young football players. 

2018-2019 Student Committee

Montréal, QC 

Hosted by SISP student committee, McGill University

Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology

May 23 - May 24, 2019

Co-Chair & VP Finance - Nesma Etoubashi

Nesma is Co-Chair and VP Finance on the SISP 2019 committee, and is in her second year of master's studies in the School/Applied Child Psychology. Nesma was VP External on the SISP 2018 committee and had such a lovely experience planning the conference with her team and meeting all of the speakers and attendees that she was thrilled to continue on with this committee in a new role. She is looking forward to having another great conference this year and getting to meet all those who plan on joining us! Au plaisir!

Faculty Advisors