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Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology

Larbi Benallal - Community Engagement Volunteer 

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Maddie Feehan - Sponsorship Volunteer

Maddie is currently a U2 student majoring in psychology and minoring in environment at McGill University. She is very interested in the mental health field, particularly looking at the development of mental disorders at young ages. She loves working with children, and would love to do more research into the triggering causes and risk factors of childhood disorders to work towards developing new treatments and interventions. Maddie is also interested in substance abuse in adolescents and young adults, wanting to learn more and get more involved in prevention and treatment.

In Collaboration with the School/Applied Child Psychology Student Association


Jessica graduated from McGill University, majoring in psychology with a double minor in behavioural science and health geography. Currently, she is working as a mental health community worker at a non-profit organization in the West Island. Additionally, she is also volunteering as a research assistant, where she is assisting a PhD student on a study examining associations between sleep and academic performance in youth diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She is strong proponent of sparking change in the local community by advocating for mental health awareness. A fun fact is that Jess enjoys working with children, loves travelling, and is a huge foodie!

Jamie Kreidstein - Community Engagement Volunteer 

Larbi is currently a U3 specialization psychology student at Concordia University. His research interests include neurodevelopmental disorders and adolescent trajectories. He is currently working as a mental health case manager with Dialogue alongside his role as a research assistant in several laboratories examining child behavior and young adult development. A fun fact about him is that he is an animal rights activist. 


Weiyi is currently a U3 majoring in psychology with minors in behavioural science and communication studies at McGill. She is passionate about psychological assessment of children’s cognitive functioning and school-based interventions to support the well-being of children with learning difficulties. She likes working with children and youth, helping them to unlock their full potentials!

Jamie is currently a U2 majoring in psychology with minors in behavioural science and sociology at McGill. She is especially passionate about understanding emotion regulation in children and the development of mental health issues through adolescence and young adulthood. She is excited to be actively involved in conversations which explore the many ways to support youth. A fun fact about her is she loves travelling!

Elisa Niunin - Sponsorship Volunteer

Jessica Tobia - Advertising Volunteer

Weiyi Lui - Community Engagement Volunteer 

Elisa is currently a U1 majoring in psychology at Concordia University. She is very interested in personality psychology and the humanistic approach of therapy. She wants to lend a helping hand wherever possible and learn how to best support people in need. She is passionate about video game analysis and music!