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Kennedy is a U2 psychology major with minors in both behavioural science and social entrepreneurship at McGill. She has interests in music, sport and art and how these can be incorporated into therapies especially for child development. Kennedy is hopeful to gain a better understanding of the many diverse fields of Psychology and tools to incorporate passions with profession.

Kennedy Ryan - Community Engagement Volunteer 

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Madhumitha MS, currently in U1, is pursuing a major in Psychology and minors in Science for Arts Students and Behavioural Science. She aspires to go to medical school and is very interested in childpsychopathology and psychology. She is excited to learn more about these concepts and engage with professionals in these fields through SISP. During her leisure time, she enjoys reading novels, spending time with loved ones, and touring museums and art galleries

Sam is currently a U3 majoring in psychology with minors in behavioural science and sociology at McGill. He ispassionate about understanding the impacts of online learning on students with learning disabilities and incorporating evidence-based practices in school psychology. Sam is excited to learn more about the nuances of the field and how to advocate for students. Fun fact, I enjoy cooking and playing soccer.

Madhumitha Murugavel Sangeetha - Community Engagement Volunteer 

Sam Abemayor - Community Engagement Volunteer