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Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology

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Q: How do I sign-in to the webinar? 
A: All registrants are asked to virtually “sign-in” to the webinar. We will be taking attendance throughout the webinar and asking attendees to fill out a Google form following all workshops, this is necessary for those who wish to obtain continuing education hours. 

Q: Where will I find the zoom links?
A: The program that will be sent to you will contain all of the Zoom links for every session. 

Q: How long before the scheduled time should I log in?
A: To ensure all presentations begin on time, we ask that attendees log onto the zoom link 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the workshop. 

Q: Do I need Zoom downloaded on my device?
A. Yes, please have the most updated version of zoom installed. Breakout rooms will be used throughout the webinar. To ensure that you can move freely between breakout rooms without requesting the help of the host, please update your Zoom application to the latest version (or have version 5.3.0 or later). Additionally, please make sure that your full name is on your Zoom.

Q: Can I get continuing education (CE) credits by attending this webinar? 
A: As mandated by professional orders (OPQ and CPA), all of our applied workshops will contribute to the continuing education of attendees. This webinar is an excellent opportunity for mental health professionals and students alike, from across Canada and the United States, to foster new relationships and promote professional development. 

​Q: How do I get my continuing education (CE) credits

A: You are entitled to claim continuing education (CE) credits through CPA or OPQ based on attending a complete 3-hour workshop. No documentation is required from SISP in order for you to claim these credits with either the CPA or the OPQ, by virtue of the fact that we are approved CE providers. You must complete the online feedback and learning form for their credits to be valid. If you would like documentation of their participation, you are entitled to receive a certification document. To obtain this, please email sispexternal.ecp@mcgill.ca with the number of CE hours you are claiming, and the trainings you attended. This email must be sent by the end of the day following the last webinar activity to ensure a prompt response. 

If you have any questions prior to the webinar, or during the webinar, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at this email (infosisp.ecp@mcgill.ca)